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Berkfield Garden Fence Galvanised Steel 50 m 150 cm

Berkfield Garden Fence Galvanised Steel 50 m 150 cm

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This is a high quality and scientific wild fence. The zinc coating of this wild fence not only makes it more beautiful, but also can prevent it from corrosion, insuring the long-term use of the fence.Designed for convenient use, the horizontal wire distance of this galvanized wild fence enlarges from bottom to top. Thus, you are able to feed animals confined in the fence easily while have no worries about their escape.

  • Specifications:
  • Material: Galvanized iron wire
  • Length: 50 m
  • Height: 150 cm
  • Horizontal wire quantity: 12
  • Vertical wire distance: 15 cm
  • Horizontal wire distance: 20/20/20/15/15/10/10/10/10/10/10 cm (from top to bottom)
  • Top & bottom wire: 2 mm
  • Inner wire: 1,8 mm
  • Applications:
  • Perfect for gardens, terraces, pens, zoos, etc. to confine small animals like chickens, geese and rabbit as well as big ones like deer, monkey, sheep, goats and so forth


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