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Berkfield Shower Drain with 2-in-1 Cover 63x14 cm Stainless Steel

Berkfield Shower Drain with 2-in-1 Cover 63x14 cm Stainless Steel

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Are you looking for an accessory combining style and practicality to upgrade your shower to the next level? Our shower drain, specially designed with 2-in-1 reversible cover, will be your preferred choice! This multipurpose cover has one tile insert side and one flat side. This allows you to place matching tile or just use as normal flat grate. Both offers a seamless look to your shower. Equipped with a strainer, the bathroom drain effectively prevents hair from into cess-pipe and blocking the cess-pipe. This strainer is also removable for easy cleaning. With adjustable height legs, the shower drain can meet your different mounting needs. Stainless steel material contributes to the shower drainer's sturdy, corrosion resistant construction and also give it a modern, elegant look to fit any interior decor.

  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Total size: 63 x 14 cm (L x W)
  • Drain size: 60 x 11 cm (L x W)
  • Outlet diameter: 5 cm
  • Total height including siphon: 8.1 - 9.6 cm
  • 2-in-1 reversible flat and tile insert cover
  • Removable strainer
  • With waterproof membrance
  • With height-adjustable legs


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