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Berkfield Garden Fence Galvanised Steel 50x1.6 m Silver

Berkfield Garden Fence Galvanised Steel 50x1.6 m Silver

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This galvanised steel garden fence is an excellent choice for building an animal enclosure or a barrier for your property. Durable galvanised steel: The outdoor fence is made of galvanised steel, ensuring a long-term use.Multiple functions: The garden fence can be used as ordinary fencing, decoration and even for protecting your poultry, pets like dogs and cats and secure facilities in your garden, farm, transport, etc.Practical design: The horizontal wire distance of the wire fencing enlarges from bottom to top. So, you can feed your enclosed animals inside the fence easily without worrying about their escape.Easy usage: The wire mesh fence is easy to use and can be bent or cut to form any desired shape.

  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Galvanised steel
  • Size: 50 x 1.6 m (L x H)
  • Vertical wire distance: 15 cm
  • Vertical wire diameter: 1.55 mm
  • Horizontal wire diameter (middle): 1.55 mm
  • Number of horizontal wires: 20


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