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Berkfield Jute Rope 25 m Long 40 mm Thick

Berkfield Jute Rope 25 m Long 40 mm Thick

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This versatile jute rope is ideal for arts and crafts projects, flower arrangements, gardening, decorations, etc. It is a good helper in life. Natural material: Tightly braided by 3 small strands of 100% natural jute, this hemp rope is strong, resilient, weather-resistant and safe.Multipurpose: The jute twine works great for crafting, decorations, packing, bundling, wrapping, gardening and so on.Easy to use: The jute string is very convenient to use. You can cut it to the length you desired freely. Note:This rope is not suitable for climbing, lifting or loading goods, and using as swing or a part of a swing.

  • Material: 100% natural jute
  • Total length: 25 m
  • Diameter: approx. Ì÷40 mm
  • Total weight: 22.5 kg
  • Weight per meter: 900 g


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