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Berkfield Backdrop Support System 300 x 300 cm Green

Berkfield Backdrop Support System 300 x 300 cm Green

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With this complete background system you can do whatever your imagination comes up with as a photographer, using it in the studio or on location. The lightweight system is easily and quickly built up and made of aluminium. One green cotton backdrop is included in this system giving you the option to use chroma-key. The system can also be used in combination with other backdrops and/or paper rolls. This flexible background system is suitable for portrait photography, commercial photography and table-top photography. The background has a maximum width of 300 cm and the height can vary between 75 to 210 cm. If you wish to use the system on location, this should not pose any problems. It is easily unassembled and assembled very quickly. Transportation is simple with the carrying bag of approximately 85 x 15 x 15 cm which is included in delivery. Chroma key: By filtering out the green colour of the background, you can project any picture or image you can imagine on your background. A known example of chroma key is the weather man who is actually standing in front of a green wall, while the charts and forecasts can be seen behind his back.

    • Measurements (stow in carrying bag): 85 x 15 x 15 cm
    • Backdrop colour: green
    • Backdrop size: 300 x 300 cm (length x width)
    • Maximum height: 210 cm
    • Width: 155 - 300 cm
    • Tripod Adjustable Height: 75 - 210 cm
    • Material: aluminium
    • Fabric: Cotton: 100%


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