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Leifheit Winged Laundry Airer Pegasus 180 Maxx 81650

Leifheit Winged Laundry Airer Pegasus 180 Maxx 81650

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The Leifheit 81650 Standing Airer Pegasus 180 Maxx is the first drying rack that can accommodate longer and wider laundry items without them touching the floor or getting crumpled. Its XXL height of 1.28 m is ideal for working upright and without back pain. Simply practical: with a width of just 55 cm the Maxx fits comfortably through every doorway. With its two fold-out wings and a drying length of 18 metres, the Pegasus Maxx 180 has space for two machine loads of washing. Two hangers for small items are included, on which you can quickly hang up socks, briefs etc without clothespins, saving space as well as time. With its powder-coated drying rods, the Pegasus Maxx 180 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, where it will stay in place even in windy conditions.

  • Drying length: 18 m
  • Drying rods length: 1.1 m
  • Capacity: 2 machine loads of laundry
  • Sturdy, stable airer for indoor and outdoor use
  • Extra long drying rods for bigger laundry items
  • Extra compact at only 55 cm wide
  • Only 55 cm wide for simple transportation
  • Includes 2 hangers for small items such as socks, slips, etc


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