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ThunderShirt Anxiety Coat for Dog L Grey 2017

ThunderShirt Anxiety Coat for Dog L Grey 2017

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This ThunderShirt anxiety coat provides a great and safe solution for fearful and stressful dogs, for example, for fear of thunderstorms, cars or travelling. The ThunderShirt is easily put on and ensures a consistent pressure on the core of the dog. This pressure has an enormous calming effect for most dogs.

  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: L
  • Suitable for breast size of 64/76 cm, 19-29 kg
  • Use the ThunderShirt polo for:
  • Fear of thunderstorms
  • Fear of cars or travelling
  • Irritability
  • Fear of separation
  • Fear of doghouse
  • Pulling the leash
  • Problems with barking
  • Reactivity
  • General training tool
  • Fear of every noise
  • General fearsomeness
  • Fabric: Polyester: 55%, Viscose: 35%, Elastane: 10%


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