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Velda Phos Stop 500 g

Velda Phos Stop 500 g

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Phos Stop is a product which binds phosphate in pond water on the bottom of the pond by using of bentonite and lanthanum. The balanced combination of both ingredients guarantees a high absorption of phosphate in ponds, which provides a natural way to prevent pond problems. Start using Phos Stop early in spring to prevent problems and repeat the dose monthly. At high water temperatures or in case of many fish, lack of oxygen may occur. Accordingly, aeration of the pond or partial refreshment of water may be necessary to ensure a sufficient oxygen supply for the fish. When correctly applied, this product is completely safe for all flora and fauna in your pond. Tip: Regularly inspect the quality of the pond water and adjust its hardness by applying GH Plus. The ideal GH value ranges between 8 and 12å¡ DH.

  • Quantity: 500 g for 10000 L pond water
  • Active substance: lanthanum and bentonite
  • Please note:
  • Dosage depends on the amount of fish and plants
  • Remove as much algae as possible before and after the treatment
  • More detailed information for use can be found in the user instructions


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