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Avento Fitness/Gym Ball Dia. 65 cm Black

Avento Fitness/Gym Ball Dia. 65 cm Black

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This fitness ball from Avento is ideal for sit-ups, back exercises and general fitness training. The exercise ball can also be used to increase the stability of the trunk and perform various aerobics and physiotherapy exercises. Additionally, the gymnastic ball is being increasingly used as a replacement for an office chair, so that a better sitting posture is assumed and various muscles are strengthened unnoticeably. The yoga ball is of anti-burst quality so that it won't suddenly explode if it is overloaded or comes into contact with sharp objects. Plus, the training ball is skin-friendly and anti-static, so that dust is not attracted. You need a hand pump for easy inflation of this gym ball. The ball is suitable for a user with a body height of approx. 165 to 185 cm and the bodyweight up to 100 kg.

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Diameter: 65 cm
  • Weight: 1100 grams
  • Anti-burst and antistatic
  • Recommended user height: 165-185 cm
  • Recommended user weight: Up to 100 kg


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