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Mestic Cool Box Stand MCCB-300 Black

Mestic Cool Box Stand MCCB-300 Black

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The Mestic MCCB-300 cool box stand is designed in a robust, stylish, matte black colour which makes it the perfect match for the Mestic cool boxes. It is lightweight, compact and sturdy - the ideal drink cooler stand to take with you on a delightful holiday. This sturdy cool box carrier keeps your cool box dry as well as clean. You can simply place it at an ergonomic height by choosing between the two heights on offer. In this way you can reach your cool box easily and you are kinder to your back as well. The smart cool box carrier from Mestic has an adjustable foot which allows you to place the cool box in a level position. Moreover, the rubber ends of the legs of the cool box carrier provide additional grip. In contrast to other cool box stands, the Mestic cool box carrier comes with an extra strengthening bar, which makes it even sturdier. Another advantage is that it barely takes up any room in the car, when you are going on a camping trip for example. This leaves you extra space for other gear so you can look forward to a fun, active holiday with the whole family!

  • Colour: Matte black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 45 x 50 x 33 cm (L x W x H)
  • Adjustable height settings: 2
  • Folds away to a compact size
  • Suitable for almost every cool box
  • Additional strengthening bar to promote stability
  • Protects against dirt and moisture
  • Sturdy, stable cool box stand
  • With adjustable foot
  • Rubber leg caps
  • Lightweight
  • Weight: 1,5 kg


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