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DUTCH WALLCOVERINGS Fibreglass Wallpaper Glue 5 kg

DUTCH WALLCOVERINGS Fibreglass Wallpaper Glue 5 kg

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This glue for fibreglass wallpaper from DUTCH WALLCOVERINGS is ready-to-use, so no mixing is involved. It is the perfect wallpaper sealant for laying out the DUTCH WALLCOVERINGS glass fibre wallpapers and can also be used on other brands. The wallpaper glue is easy to apply on any surface. The surface must be dimensionally stable, porous, dry, clean and free of dust. Absorbent surfaces must first be treated with a thinned adhesive by adding 10% to 20% water. Note: Keep for a maximum of 1 year in an original, closed packaging. The minimum processing temperature is 5å¼C. Fresh glue stains can be cleaned with water.

  • Content: 5 kg
  • Simple gluing with roller (sheep leather)
  • Glue consumption: 150-170 g/m
  • Waiting time: 0 to 5 min
  • Open time: Approx. 20 min
  • Press on from the centre to remove the air
  • Keep for a maximum of 1 year in original, closed packaging
  • Min. processing temperature: 5å¼C
  • Cleaning fresh glue: With water
  • Frost sensitive
  • Contains no solvents
  • Flammable


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