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Berkfield Bed Headboard 143.5x3x81 cm Solid Wood Pine

Berkfield Bed Headboard 143.5x3x81 cm Solid Wood Pine

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With a stylish design, this classic wooden bed headboard gives your bed frame a complete look and is suitable for any bedroom. Premium material: Solid pine wood is a beautiful natural material. Pine wood has a straight grain, and the knots give the material its signature, rustic look.Rustic charm: The bed headboard gives your space rustic undertones that can be really relaxing. The calming effect of wooden headboard turns any bedroom, guest room into a soothing place while adding a natural element to the room.Comfortable support: This bed Headerprovides you with excellent back support when sitting up on the bed to read or watch movies.

  • Material: Solid pinewood (untreated)
  • Dimensions: 143,5 x 3 x 81 cm (W x D x H)
  • Assembly required: Yes


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